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North Star Gas, Ltd (NSG) was established in 2004 in order to supply high quality propane to Baja California. With the implementation of the Mexican Energy Reform initiative in January of 2016, the people and industry of Mexico now have an option for propane, gasoline and diesel supply that is consistent with the standards and business practices of the rest of North America.

NSG connects US and Canadian producers/brokers with maquiladoras, propane distributors, and gasoline stations within Mexico.

We offer wholesale propane, gasoline and diesel distribution across the US Mexican border and we offer a complete array of logistical services.  We can help you create rail and trucking supply routes to your zones of influence. Please contact us for more information.

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LPG Sales, Importation & Delivery Service to Mexico

The Mexican Energy Reform initiative has been implemented and propane can now be imported directly by Mexican propane dealers.

Are you looking for a company to help you with the tasks of importing propane into Mexico?

NSG is already providing services to several Mexican propane dealers along the US border with Mexico. We invite you to contact us to learn how we can help you get connected with the USA and Canadian propane markets.

NSG has been exporting propane to Mexico since 2004. We have a wide range of suppliers in the USA and Canada, offering the best prices and service to our Mexican clients. We offer a complete range of services to meet your business needs, including finding the most dependable supply points at the right prices, managing all aspects of the logistics in the USA as well as the importation process, and we can also offer transportation inside Mexico, if needed.

We advise our customers on the most optimal delivery strategies for Mexican-bound propane and follow through with timely execution of the desired strategy utilizing our existing infrastructure and transportation services.

These along with other attributes, distinguish NSG from any other cross-border product and logistics supplier.

NGL and Fuel Transportation

Whether transporting NGLs or Fuels locally, interstate or into Mexico, NSG offers cost effective, turn-key logistics services that set price and service benchmarks for our segment of the industry.

We understand that product transportation cost and reliability can play a significant factor in the competition for sales. We are able to either serve customers year round or to supplement existing operations during peak demand periods. Choosing NSG transportation services, customers can rest assured their product supply chain will flow uninterrupted with safe and timely deliveries.

  • Fleet of Owned Tractor Trailers
  • Employee Drivers Who are Company Vetted and Trained
  • Year Round or Seasonal Services
  • Impeccable Safety Record
  • Proven Reliability for Domestic & Cross Border Mexico Deliveries
  • Experience with Multiple NGL Variants
  • Wholesale export and delivery of Diesel and Gasoline.
  • Experience with Varying State Regulations
  • Courteous, Professional Service

US & Mexico locations

NSG USA Mexico locations

Cost-effective solutions

The use of mobile transloading services can be a practical logistical solution for NGL and Fuel delivery. The flexibility and quick lead time that these services allow can often result in sizable cost savings and increased efficiency for a variety of operations. NSG offers transloading services along both sides of the US border with Mexico. Call us at (434) 466-2528 for details on how we can help facilitate the connection between producers and dealers.

NGL Transloading

Utilizing our custom designed mobile transloading equipment, we are able to set up (rail-to-truck or truck-to-rail) transloading operations in a wide variety of locations with short lead times. Customers will often use our services on an interim basis while they are constructing a permanent terminal, during a planned or unplanned service outage, or even on a seasonal basis just to help out during the busy times of the year.

NSG offers transload service for Y-Grade, pentane, butane, and propane.

We offer a full package, up to and including locating the trackage near your desired location for loading or discharging, negotiations with main-line and short-line railroads, private property leasing or acquisition, site and track improvements, management of all local and federal authorities and regulations, and running the day-to-day operations.

About North Star Gas, Ltd.

North Star Gas Ltd (NSG) was established in 2004 in order to supply the Baja California region with propane. For many years the region had suffered from a monopoly supply situation created by Pemex and two strong distribution companies. The people, industry, and the commercial sector of Upper Baja had to contend with poor service and unscrupulous business practices. Since 2004, NSG has been supplying high quality propane to Upper Baja California, changing the paradigm. People and industry now have an option for propane supply that is consistent with the standards and business practices of the rest of North America.

NSG has an affiliate retail propane distribution company operating out of Tijuana and Ensenada, B.C., known commercially as Star Gas.

NSG also supports the United States propane industry through transportation and logistical services. Over time NSG has grown to be a integral logistics provider to midstream companies across the USA, primarily in the Southwest USA where there is limited pipeline infrastructure. NSG specializes in (train-to-truck and truck-to-train) trans-loading operations.

In 2015, NSG spun off a subsidiary general freight company that operates in the 11 western states of the USA.

With the implementation of the Mexican Energy Reform in January of 2016, NSG has grown across the frontier of the US-Mexican border, from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico. NSG manages several supply points that enable North American propane to find its way across the border to northern portions of Mexico.­

Don Smith

Don Smith

Donald A. Smith grew up in Dallas, TX and graduated from Texas A&M University. He pursued a career in the oil industry as an employee of Amoco Petroleum Company until 1999. Mr. Smith worked as an employee and consultant for the IT industry and later founded a construction company in Charlottesville, VA where he now resides.

In 2007 Mr. Smith became president of North Star Gas Ltd., a California corporation established in 2004. NSG provides petroleum products into Mexico, owns/operates a propane transport fleet in the USA and Mexico (including cross-border traffic), and owns/operates rail-truck transload terminals in the USA and Mexico.

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